Performance Signatures

Performance Signatures Unlock the Secrets of High Performance

Performance Signatures are the result of Two Story's proprietary methodology for revealing the profile that's predictive of top performance. Our approach is rooted in behavioral science and combines machine learning algorithms with expert analysis to deliver insights that are tailored to your organization.

What are Performance Signatures?

A Performance Signature is the psychometric profile that correlates with high performance specific to roles within your organization. We offer three types of Performance Signatures:

  • Fine-Tuned Performance Signatures: We conduct an audit of existing employees, collecting psychometric data as well as performance outcomes, to create a custom Signature unique to your organization.

  • Generalized Performance Signatures: Using our aggregate database, we identify psychometric data points that are most predictive of high performance across multiple organizations.

  • Expert-Driven Performance Signatures: We work with your organization's stakeholders to identify the underlying psychometric profile that is predictive of success in specific roles.

Performance Signatures are tailored to specific outcomes (e.g. customer acquisition rate)

How can Performance Signatures benefit my organization?

  • Make more informed hiring decisions: Use Performance Signatures to screen job candidates and identify those who are most likely to succeed in a role.

  • Optimize workforce development: Use Performance Signatures to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your existing workforce, and develop targeted training and development programs.

  • Increase employee engagement and retention: Employee engagement can increase and turnover reduced by providing employees with personalized insights in relation to Performance Signatures.

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