Creating a Project

2. Login with your credentials

3. Click on Add New Project

Once you've logged in to Habit Story, you'll be directed to the project page. On this page, you'll be able to manage and create all of your projects. To create a new project, click "Add New Project."

4. Set Project Parameters

Here, you can change the Project Name, update the Target Date, and change the Assessment Type (if you have more than one assessment available on your account).

  • The Project Name should be descriptive to reflect the name of the project. Only your administrative team will have be able to view this project name. The respondents will not have access to the project name.

  • The Target Date is the date by which you will require respondents to complete the assessment.

Note: the respondents will be able to access and take the assessment unless you have archived the account.

Want access to more assessments? Contact to see what other assessments we have available for your needs.

5. Click on Next

6. Update Respondent Invitation

Here, you can change the Respondent Type and the Respondent Invitation.

  • The Respondent Type will either be set to Employee or Candidate to reflect the purpose of the project.

Note: Respondents marked as Employees will have access to their digital report upon completion of the assessment. Respondents marked Candidates will not have access to their digital report upon the completion of their assessment.

  • The Respondent Invitation is the text of the email that will be sent to respondents inviting them to complete their Habit Story assessment. This email will include a username and password to access the assessment

Note: requiring respondents to login with custom username and password ensures the correct respondent is completing the assessment and no information is lost in the event of disconnection from the internet.

7. Enter Respondent Emails

There are two options to invite a respondent when creating a project.

Note: respondents can be invited after the project is created.

  1. Enter the email of up to 4 respondents

  2. Upload .csv (template here)

Note: only 100 respondents can be invited from a .csv at a time. If you require more than this, please contact

8. To confirm invitations, click Send

9. Your new project appears

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